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Updated: Aug 25

You don't necessarily know what you are capable of creating until you step out of your comfort zone and push your self to experiment with other sounds. .

It seems for years I was always drawn to a more punk rock / rock scene and never really allowed myself to experiment as I thought the other genres just weren't my style. It wasn't until years later I realized I was far from wrong.

“Step out, dreaming the possibilities of a realm you never knew existed .”

I stepped out from under the tones of rock guitars and landed in a world of acoustic creations, electronic beats, virtual instruments and vocal melodies.

Music Melodies

I started my music writing putting myself in a box of writing lead guitar parts and melodic riffs that accented the rhythm and B sections. I never felt I had the ability as a song writing to grind out the rhythm sections and always let the lead vocalist/guitarist write those parts. I absolutely did a disservice to myself to allow that to happen.

Once, I took the leap with Terra and started writing full songs, rhythm parts and vocal melodies the boom or endless creativity soured through my soul. For this I will for ever be grateful. Make sure to check out our songs!


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