Studio Song Writing

Updated: Aug 25

Studio song writing sessions are coming together well. We are writing what we feel is fun, energetic and not bounding ourselves to any particular genre at this time.

Thanks for checking out our blog. We will be posting content that relates to our music and thoughts on the industry. Enjoy and message us if you want to have a conversation on any of our topics.

“The more knowledgeable you are about the recording process the more independent you will become as an artist and the more control you'll have. We can't all have LA or Nashville producers...”

So we have several DAW's and tools we use to dial into particular sounds. regardless if we are playing live instruments or tapping into the power of virtual instruments.


I love protools and have been using this DAW for years. It has been an asset in recording live instruments, drums and layering instruments. With guitars being my tool of choice in writing Protools has been a nice complement, while it isn't the easiest to learn it's the preferred software for most professional studios.

So after 20 years of recording in protools, many other platforms have emerged. No harm in test driving them out.

Studio One

What I didn't love about protools, STUDIO ONE, seems to win. Its features are easy to use and what takes several setups in Protools seems to occur in one step or drag and drop. Highly recommend for individuals that don't know the protools application yet or started with it.

Komplete 13

Protools isn't necessarily the best for using midi and multiple other platforms are better at constructing beats and sounds. This is the complete mother load of virtual instruments. Highly recommend this as an add on to your arsenal.


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